Over the last decade or so, the sport of rocketry has grown significantly not only in Australia but around the world and as such has seen a number of talented individuals and groups build and operate some amazing vehicles. With technology making it ever so easy to communicate globally, a community of like minded enthusiasts has forged internationally.

In recent years, a number of Australian’s have had the opportunity to visit other rocketry launches around the world. From North America to Europe to Asia, many strong relationships have been built and now we would like to invite the world to fly Down Under.

A select few have teamed together to bring you Australian Rocketry’s Thunda Down Under 2015. Whether you are an Australian or from the far reaches of the globe, ARTDU is not just a rocketry event, it is an experience like no other. For international visitors, there is nothing quite like Australia which will also make for an unforgettable holiday.

 **The Australian contingent at Balls 2012, Black Rock Desert, Nevada**

**Australia’s Outback Thunda, LDRS30, Kansas – Thanks to Rockets Magazine**