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It seems like only yesterday we announced we were going to hold an international rocket launch to show off our Aussie rocketry backyard. With less than 1 week to go, the excitement of the event is greater than ever.

Here is just a small overview of what to expect:
– Rocket launches
– Banquet under the stars showing off the beautiful Southern Hemisphere sky
– International rocketry superstar, Homer Hickam
– More rocket launches
– Starlight Cinema, showing everyone’s favourite rocket movie, October Sky
– Astronomy and solar viewing sessions with Dave Reneke and his team
– Rocket Fuel Bar
– Did we already say, rocket launches?
– Aussie culture
– Rocketry comradery from all over the globe as participants from different organisations unite to fly together.
– World record attempts with the 1:1 scale V2 rocket and other high altitude flights.
– And just to finish it off, some rocket launches!

Whilst a schedule for events is difficult to create for rocket launches, in the next and final issue of GYBTT, we will be listing a few key events happening over the weekend.


Food packages have now closed. These delicious meals have had a lot of great feedback, I am sure everyone who is participating will be very well fed.



There were grins from ear to ear when we opened the first box of t-shirts. They look FANTASTIC and will definitely be a collectors item.

You can still order these limited edition items online at



Welcome to Enarra, home of the Guiness World Record for planting 905ha (2236acres) of wheat in a 24 hour period. For those of you who have not yet taken the time to see just how amazing this site really is, please take a moment to watch the ‘Something Special’ video on the ARTDU 2015 website:

First things first, whilst everyone is super excited and itching to get to the event, we request that people do not arrive any earlier than Tuesday due to operational requirements on the site.

GPS CO-ORDINATES to the front gate:  27°45’12.50″S 149°43’55.16″E

  • From Brisbane, make your way to Toowoomba.
  • Leaving Toowoomba via Bridge St/?Warrego Hwy/?National Highway A2 (signs for A2/ ?Dalby), continue to follow Warrego Hwy/?National Highway A2 for 80.2KM to Dalby. We recommend you refuel at Dalby or Moonie.
  • At Dalby, turn left onto Moonie Hwy/?Nicholson St/ ?State Route 49 (signs for Tara/?Saint George/?State Route 87). Continue to follow Moonie Hwy/ ?State Route 49 for 184KM.
  • At the Westmar Roadhouse, turn right onto Meandarra-Talwood Rd and follow for approximately 17-18KM.
  • Look for a kennel and ‘Enarra’ sign on the east side of the road. Turn into this dirt road and over the cattle grid, and drive straight until you reach further signposts or instructions.

If coming from another direction, please use the GPS co-ordinates provided and/or make your way to the Westmar Roadhouse and follow the signs from there.

The good folk at Westmar Roadhouse are also happy to give directions if you get lost, so please call in there if you find yourself driving around in circles.

The road between Dalby and Moonie is quite bumpy and narrow, please take care and watch all speed limits. Be mindful of kangaroos, emus and other wildlife when driving, especially around dusk or dawn.

The launch site is located on a working property – please drive safely on the property roads, avoid driving over crops, and do not park or stop across any roads. Do NOT drive anywhere on the property, other than on the signed roads for ARTDU 2015 without permission.

Please stick to <50km/h as the road can trick people who are not familiar. When you see lots of people, you are approaching the site and we request that you slow down to <30km/h. Any cars that get bogged, roll or end up in a ditch will be ridiculed and photos will be posted online.

If it rains and you are on a soft path/road, GET THE HELL OFF IT!! You WILL become stuck and required to be air-lifted!

A meeting will be conducted prior to daily launch activities commencing to discuss landowner requests and any conditions for launching. (RSO/LCO requirements, flight card info etc).

We want to ensure everyone has a great time. Please respect any directive by the landowner or launch organisers, failing to do so may result in removal from the launchsite.


If you have any other queries about ARTDU2015 please email

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