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No more talking… no more planning… THUNDA DOWN UNDER 2015 is here!

In less than three days, some of the biggest, baddest and just out right awesome rockets from around the world are going to tear apart the skies in Sunny Queensland, Australia.

Three years has literally flown by and whilst the ARTDU 2015 team might be exhausted, they just can’t wait to share this experience with the hundreds of registered participants from all over the world.


Whilst a schedule for events is difficult to create for rocket launches, the following are a few keys items for the four days:

0730hrs          Pre commencement announcements at the LCO table and group photos as appropriate
0800hrs          Range open – Launch program commences
1700hrs          Range closed
After Hours     Rocket Fuel Bar open
Friday night    Starlight Cinema – October Sky
Saturday night    Banquet Under the Stars!
Saturday         V2 launch

Saturday         Crazy Jim Drag Race (L3 Sparky)
TBA                Old West Shootout – QLD vs WA drag race – take 2
TBA                Crazy Jim (junior) Drag Race (L1/L2 Sparky)
TBA                Lots of other AWESOME launches!


Keep an eye out for the information sheet in your registration bags which contains useful information about the event. This will explain how things like pre-purchased meals will work as well as identification for the event etc.


There are so many amazing flights planned for Australian Rocketry’s Thunda Down Under 2015, it is going to be simply amazing

Rocketeer’s build for Thunda Down Under 2015: Karl Hemphill and Rocketry Victoria – Full Scale V2

Flyer’s Name:            Karl Hemphill and Rocketry Victoria
Location:                    Ballarat, VIC
Rocket Name:            Full Scale V2 aka Victoria-2
Estimated Altitude:    mmm… about that high (imperial distance is the same as the metric distance on this one)
Length:                        14.04m  (46′)
Dia:                               1.65m  (5.4′)
Proposed GLOW:       300kg  (661 pounds)
Proposed Motor/s:     Cesaroni O25,000Vmax

Please tell us about the project eg. why are you building it?, what do you hope to achieve (speed, height, size, enter competition, certification etc.)?, have there been any challenges or highlights to the preparation? What payloads (if any) are you carrying (cameras, electronics etc.) 
It is a 1:1 scale V2 rocket, called ‘Victoria-2’

It is a ridiculously big and heavy ‘model’ rocket so it probably won’t fly very high, BUT, see this has all of the complexities of a four-storey building that has to fly! (and then land it safely). It is just awe inspiring to see!

The team at Rocketry Victoria had been talking about a big club project for ages, and Thunda Down Under 2015 was the obvious event to prepare a big rocket for. After some doubts because of the enormous scale of the project, it was decided to construct the biggest model rocket ever built – a 1:1 V2! The V2 is a very famous and beautiful looking rocket, and we wanted to celebrate the fact that it was the first man-made object to reach space.

Basically everything about this rocket has been a challenge: The sheer size, cost, new construction techniques, getting rocket-guys to cooperate(!), transport, logistics, too many lost weekends, etc, etc, etc.

What are you most looking forward to seeing or participating in at Thunda Down Under 2015?

There are some unbelievable flights planned for Thunda Down Under 2015 – getting to see launches that you would otherwise have to go to the Nevada desert to see, has got everybody in the Australian rocket community excited. Lots of the guys are also looking forward to hitting the ‘Rocket Fuel’ bar at the end of a day’s flying, to meet the International crowd and see what we can learn from them.

I’ve been to a number of International, and lots of Australian launches, and think Thunda Down Under 2015 has definitely offered the best pre-launch experience ever. I simply cannot fault the booking-process, website, information provided, or anything else. – Now you just have to make the actual four-days of flying the best ever! Also, could you arrange for perfect weather if it’s not too much trouble! 🙂 Cheers, Karl Hemphill

As this GYBTT is being written, the V2 is already on multiple trailers and trucks on the long haul journey to QLD!

For more information about anything to do with Australian Rocketry’s Thunda Down Under 2015, please visit

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