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We have just received word that one of the hotels is now fully booked. If you are planning on staying in the luxury of four brick walls, it is highly recommended to organise this sooner rather than later.

ROCKETEER’S BUILD FOR ARTDU2015: David Bell’s L3 ½ Scale Patriot

Flyer’s Name:            David Bell

Location:                    Sydney, Australia

Rocket Name:            ½ Scale Patriot

Estimated Altitude:    6,000’

Length:                        3500mm (11.5?)

Dia:                               190.5mm (7.5”)

Proposed GLOW:       28kg (62lbs)

Proposed Motor/s:     CTI Pro75 7455M2150-P Red Lightening. (Capable of four outboard 38mm motors for future flights)

Please tell us about the project eg. why are you building it?, what do you hope to achieve (speed, height, size, enter competition, certification etc.)?, have there been any challenges or highlights to the preparation? What payloads (if any) are you carrying (cameras, electronics etc.) 

This is my first attempt at a L3 certification flight. The whole build has been a challenge as I’m firmly of the belief that a L3 certification attempt should be as close to 100% scratch built as possible (or, if an individual achieves a successful L3 certification on a 80% or more scratch built rocket, then they should have a L3a ranking).

The rocket is a standard 3 tube dual deploy type, all tubes and NC are fibreglass with Burch centring rings and bulk plates, the rocket has a 5 motor stack (1 x 75mm central inboard, 4 x 38mm outboards) with only the inboard being utilised for the certification flight attempt. The rocket consists of 3 AvBays, one located in the NC (Not utilised) fwd AvBay, one located in the fin frame (utilised for outboard motor ignition, consisting of a Raven 3, 0.95 Ah 3S 25~50C liPo battery and a single PIN type arming system) aft AvBay, and the Central AvBay. The Central AvBay consists of a Hero3 + Black GoPro, deployment has 100% resiliency, with 2 x Ravens 3’s, 2 x 650mAh 3S 25~50C LiPo batteries, 2 x switches (activated by pin removal),  4  x ejection cannons (2 Drogue & 2 Main), telemetry is performed by 1 x 900Mhz Big Red Bee GPS transmitter & 1 x 433Mhz Big Red Bee transmitter powered by a single 2,200mAh 1S 10C LiPo battery and activated by an independent switch via pin removal.

Recovery will be via drogue at apogee (drogue backup at apogee + 2 sec) and main at 1,200’ (main backup at 1,00’, the heights will decrease over successful flights), drogue chute is a Drogue LOC Angel, main chute is a 2XL LOC Angel.

What are you most looking forward to seeing or participating in at Thunda Down Under 2015?

Launching HPR rockets with like minded people, seeing how they do it offshore, as I can not afford to travel to LDRS or BALLS. Catching up with what I now deem to be my friends.

Click here to see David’s amazing build thread for what should be an awesome launch!

If you would like to have a rocket or something special that you are planning for ARTDU2015, or if you have any other queries about ARTDU2015 please email

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