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The ARTDU 2015 team are excited about the number of high altitude flights planned, however taking advantage of the highest altitude in the Southern Hemisphere has a few requirements.

Anyone planning on flying above 18,000feet AMSL (17,000feet AGL) is required to complete the ‘AMRS High Altitude Flight Review’.

A special revision of this document has been released for ARTDU 2015 and can be downloaded from here: ARTDU 2015 High Altitude Flight Reviews

Anyone attempting to fly above this altitude who has not completed the review will not be allowed to fly at the event.


If you have not yet registered for the event (flyers and spectators), remember prices will be higher at the event.

Banquet tickets are almost sold out, so don’t miss out on this extremely special opportunity to meet Homer Hickam and get a personal tour of the Southern night sky.

All registrations and merchandise can be purchased here:


Members of the QLD Rocketry Society Inc. recently had a build day at one of Australian Rocketry’s workshops to construct the new launch rails that will be utilised at ARTDU 2015.

These systems have been uniquely designed and unlike any other launch system that is currently used anywhere in the world. Made from aluminium, these units have no welds and fold up for easy storage. The base components remain joined at all times and assembly/pack up onsite takes literally as little as 3 minutes. Professionally designed by Nic Lottering, these units are extremely strong and very cheap, perfect for clubs and/or individuals personal systems.

Rocketeer’s build for Thunda Down Under 2015: Mathias Gaertner – SunSeeker

Flyer’s Name:            Mathias Gaertner
Location:                    Germany (TRA Prefect)
Rocket Name:            SunSeeker
Estimated Altitude:    27,900’
Length:                        4.03m  (13′ 2 21?32”)
Dia:                               100mm  (4”)
Proposed GLOW:       30kg  (66.1 pounds)
Proposed Motor/s:     CTI 98mm 6GXL  O3400 IMAX

Please tell us about the project eg. why are you building it?, what do you hope to achieve (speed, height, size, enter competition, certification etc.)?, have there been any challenges or highlights to the preparation? What payloads (if any) are you carrying (cameras, electronics etc.) 
There are two reasons to build and fly the rocket.
First, we want to test a flight computer electronics with high speed and high altitude. Both is legally not to be done in Germany
Second: I like to fly high and fast.

The rocket is partially based on a Moongoose design. I changed the length and as a fin can a solid aluminium can with fins is used. The rest is my own design.
I will use two different flight computers for redundant apogee event. The main event (releasing a tether) is not redundant.
No other payload is carried.

Main challenges were the proper minimal diameter design to sustain large motors and a good recovery sequence. It took me about one year to figure that out. The actual building process was about 2 month. A detailed checklist is provided for the assembly of the rocket (not yet fully completed).

At the event, we will be a team of three persons. Me as the flyer being responsible for assembling the rocket
Simone as the main photographer and second telemetry tracker
Greg as driver and checklist maintainer.

What are you most looking forward to seeing or participating in at Thunda Down Under 2015?
The event as such, talking to some TRA BoD and start relationship with Australian rocketeers.

Click here to see Mathias’ build thread for what should be a very fast launch!

If you have any other queries about ARTDU2015 please email

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