Rocketry Victoria’s Full Scale V2 – World Record – Largest Model Rocket

From one of the greatest minds in aerospace, Wernher von Brauhn’s V2 is by far one of the most historic rockets ever made. Karl Hemphill (project leader) is excited that 2015 will see Rocketry Victoria’s creation become a reality with a full scale replica of the infamous V2. This will be launched on a 150mm ‘O’ class motor.

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V2 fins in production

Karl's V2 fins in production      Karl's V2 fins in production      V2 Fin Layup      V2 Fin Layup

V2 mid section air frame, weighing a tiny 48.7kg

V2 mid section frame      V2 mid section frame


 Crazy Jim Drag Race

Don’t be fooled, it will not be an earthquake! Get ready to block your ears as the ground rumbles and the infamous ‘Crazy Jim’ drag race unleashes chaos and mayhem in our southern skies! Not only a major featured event, this competition will not be for the faint hearted. This is one launch definitely not to be missed! More details to be released…

Photo thanks to Liberty Launch Systems    Photo thanks to Liberty Launch Systems

**Photos thanks to Liberty Launch Systems**


Outback Thunda ‘The Rocket’

Having previously flown twice at LDRS30, Kansas on a N2600 Skidmark + 3 x J381 Skidmarks and a N3300 Redline + 3 x J825 Redlines respectively, Outback Thunda has travelled all the way home to Australia to fly again as a featured flight at ARTDU 2015.

Boasting Banjo Paterson’s ‘Waltzing Matilda’ on the airframe, this monster rocket truly reflects an iconic piece of Australia’s history.

Outback Thunda LDRS30 - Full Glory     Outback Thunda LDRS30 - Job well done


Nic Lottering’s 10″ Sledgehammer

With a number of successful flights, including Nic’s level 3 certification, it’s time to up the anti on the beast. With a central 98mm and 3 outboard 54mm motor mounts, Nic will be launching this on the biggest, baddest motors he can… N5800 and 3 x L730.



Tin Tin Moon Rocket

A classic retro rocket with a central motor mount and 3 fin tip outboard motor mounts, has been brought to life. Now after some successful testing, it is time for the big brother to be built. The new Moon Rocket will host a central 150mm (6″) O3600 with a selection of 3 outboard 54mm K motors.



Dave Couzens’ Full Scale IRIS

Housing 7 x 98mm M3400 motors in the booster and a 150mm (6″) O3700 in the sustainer, the Full Scale IRIS is going to be an amazing spectacle.

Diameter: 12″ (30.5cm) Booster: 1.03 m (3 ft 4.6 in) Sustainer: 6.05 m (19 ft 10.1 in)


Simon Liebke’s Full Scale Skylark Raven Sounding Rocket

Two stages of scientific brilliance! More details to be released soon…



Dutch Rocket Boys – Excalibur

The Excalibur started out as a personal project of Frank De Brouwer in 2004, after most of the parts were partly finished they sat in a corner for years. We now to plan to fly this bird in 2015 during the Thunda launch in Australia on a CTI cluster. CTI will sponsor part of the motors and this will be a flight on 1 CTI Pro98-N2500, 3 CTI Pro75-M1400’s and 3 CTI Pro54-L730’s motors.

In 2012 the Dutch Rocket Boys started to finish the project as a Group Project to be launched in Scotland during a Big Range campaign in 2014, the launch however got postponed to 2015 and we now plan to launch this model rocket in 2015 during the THUNDA DOWN UNDER Launch.

The Excaliber is especially challenging because it advances our knowledge of engine clustering (more than one motor). This project has seven motors that all have to be reliably ignited and come up to pressure at the same time. Though the design isn’t expected to set any altitude records, it should be a spectacular launch.

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DRB Excalibur      DRB Excalibur simulation


Dutch Rocket Boys – Thunda Big Spear

For the THUNDA launch in 2015 in Australia we have designed a large cluster rocket based on a 6 inch MMT and 3 4 inch MMT’s. The rocket will be fully scratch built and only be using Proline G12 tubes for MMT’s.

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DRB Thunda Big Spear simulation      DRB Thunda Big Spear parts