The following information is specifically for Australian Rocketry’s Thunda Down Under 2015 rocket launch. More information will be released over time and I am sure there will be plenty of questions and answers to list, so remember to visit often for updates.

Date and Time: 12-15 March 2015. Each day the range will operate from approx. 8am to 5pm.

Location: Western Darling Downs, Queensland, approx 4½ hours from Brisbane. The specific site locations will be sent to all registered persons closer the event, however a quick reference point close by is the corner of Moonie Highway and Meandarra-Talwood Road, Westmar. The fields used are in a parcel of land consisting of 45,000 acres (1,960,200,000 sq feet) which is large, flat and generally clear of trees and other obstructions. Most of the area is fertile farming land, so is to be treated with respect. We appreciate the huge support given by the owners. Please see ‘Something Special’.

Altitude: The launch site has a waiver to 120,000′ AMSL (Above Mean Sea Level). Since the launch site has elevation of 825′ and we have a requirement to maintain a 1000′ buffer, flights will be limited to 118,000′ AGL (Above Ground Level).

There will be four levels of flights available at ARTDU. These are made up of: Surface to 10,000′, 10,000′ to 18,000′, 18,000′ to 60,000′ and 60,000′ to 120,000′ (all in AMSL).

All flights that are expected to exceed 18,000′ AMSL (17,000′ AGL), will require a review by the AMRS Technical Advisory Group. Click here to download a copy of the ‘AMRS High Altitude Flight Review’ (.DOCX file). You can download a copy of the Historic Data Sheet by clicking here: ‘Historic Westmar Data’ (.PDF file).

Who Can Attend: This is rocketry enthusiasts launch and therefore members and participants of all flavours are invited and encouraged to attend. So far, many members of major and independent organisations have expressed interest, including (but not limited to) TRA, NAR, CAR, UKRA, NZRA etc.

Members of the public are also invited to the event. This event will be nothing like you have ever seen before!!

Certifications: Most certification processes are reciprocal and should be recognised. As with all launches, rockets will be scrutinised through the standard RSO procedures and participants will need to register their applicable certification level.

A statement has been made by the ARTDU 2015 Management Team with respect to organisations and insurance responsibilities for the event. This relates to certifications and participation at the event. Click here to download a copy of this PDF.

Launch Infrastructure: Most standard launch facilties will be provided including, small and large rails, rods, launch controllers for Low/Medium/High Power rockets. If you have special requirements ie. hybrid GSE, please notify us to confirm availability and/or discuss options.

Shipping Rockets to Australia: Australian Rocketry Pty Ltd ships a number of containers from USA to Australia each year and will be allocating space for people to ship rockets and components closer to the event. Prices for space will be based on a cubic measurement and listed soon. For countries in other regions, there is a number of carriers that will ship to Australia and we will be happy to collect and store these for you. Alternatively, Australian Rocketry Pty Ltd will be having specials on certain kits specifically for this event if you would like to try your skills at building a rocket in the land Down Under.

Rocket Motors: There is strict laws on the exportation and importation of rocket motors, propellant, igniters, black powder and other dangerous goods/explosives. Solid rocket motors from various commercial manufacturers will be available in Australia. A special pre-order will be organized for all attendees. Unless otherwise organized and due to legal requirements, no dangerous goods are permitted in any shipment. Research/EX rocket motors are generally not used in Australia due to the restrictions of manufacturing. If you have a special motor that you would like to use, please contact us to discuss options and to confirm if your motor will be allowed in Australia.