What is a Fly-It/Take-It?

Based on NAR’s popular FITI program, this is an activity to involve young people and first-time flyers of all ages at Thunda Down Under by giving them a chance to fly a rocket for free, and then keep the rocket.

With the support of Southern Cross Rocketry, we want to provide an event that will at least get people flying model rockets, and hopefully keep them flying!

(Click here to check out Southern Cross Rocketry’s website)

When is it?

On Saturday 14 March and Sunday 15 March, participants will be able to come to the Southern Cross Rocketry tent, where a selection of model rockets will be displayed and choose one of their liking. They will be provided with a rocket motor, chute wadding and assistance with prepping the rocket. They can then to go to the low power range and fly their rocket. Additional flights can be made on their own.

Who can participate?

Participants should be first time flyers and we highly encourage parent/child participation. This event will have a limited number of rockets available and will be issued on a first in first served basis.

Where do these rockets come from?

AMRS affiliated clubs are asked to build between six and twelve rockets. AMRS affiliated clubs are encouraged to personalize or customize the rockets that they build. Patriotic, themed or section-specific markings are encouraged! Sections may want to ask local businesses and organisations for donations to contribute to kits or parts for this event. A number of AMRS affiliated clubs are already planning build sessions over Christmas to support this effort. We are hoping to be able to support up to 50 first-time launches. Southern Cross Rocketry will donate at least a dozen rockets as a starting point.

What sort of rockets are we looking for?

They can be any new rocket: kit, scratch-built or ready-to-fly. We only ask that they fly on a single SCR A, B or C black powder rocket motor. A recovery device must be included (as needed) and can be any method, but complex designs (such as competition helicopters) are not recommended. First flight motors and chute wadding will be provided by donation from Southern Cross Rocketry.

What’s the deadline for sections to send in rockets for the event?

AMRS affiliated clubs need to have rockets delivered by Friday, 20 February 2015. Deliver to:

Australian Rocketry
PO Box 84
Browns Plains, QLD 4118

Rockets can also be delivered to AMRS sanctioned club launches.