Rocketry Victoria’s Full Scale V2 – World Record – Largest Model Rocket

From one of the greatest minds in aerospace, Wernher von Brauhn’s V2 is by far one of the most historic rockets ever made. Karl Hemphill (project leader) is excited that 2015 will see Rocketry Victoria’s creation become a reality with a full scale replica of the infamous V2. This will be launched on a 150mm ‘O’ class motor.

Meet Karl

A couple of years ago, Karl had a vision – build and fly the worlds largest amateur rocket. With the announcement of Thunda Down Under in 2015, the time and place for constructing and flying the rocket had arrived.

Rocketry Victoria has well and truly rallied behind him and the vast array of talents and energy of its members are being brought together.

Karl is providing the workshop for the assembly of the rocket and it is a breathtaking sight. Standing next to the fins and having to strain your neck to see over the top of them gives you some impression on how enormous this task will be.

In the picture, Karl is standing at the back of the mid section of the aluminium frame that will be the skeleton of the rocket.

The man behind the World Record V2 rocket

The man behind the World Record V2 rocket

V2 fins in production

Karl's V2 fins in production      Karl's V2 fins in production      V2 Fin Layup      V2 Fin Layup

V2 mid section air frame, weighing a tiny 48.7kg

V2 mid section frame      V2 mid section frame